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Study Skills Ireland is a unique online learning platform designed to dramatically increase our student’s educational potential.

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Study Skills Ireland is run by Mr Enda O’Doherty who has over 30 years experience in education. All seminars are presented using state of the art computer graphics and video. Following seminar participants receive online access to a vast library of study skill resources to continue life long change and learning. All seminars are presented with an energetic dynamic and entertaining style that has learning and laughter at the core. These seminars will change how students and parents look at exams and study. The aim of all courses is to give students inspirational motivation and energy as well as new skills to allow them reach their goals.

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Leaving Cert

Back to school advice.

.The number one word to keep in mind in back to school is finding routine .Find routine in terms of sleep ,study ,transport, food ,communication .When the summer Holidays arrive, gradually as a family we change sleep patterns, food patterns our schedule is completely thrown out the window. It’s flexible it’s Holidays, it’s fun. Many families find the return to the regimented schedule of school life very stressful .

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Succeed in the Leaving Cert

The Next Big Step

How to help your kids make the transition to secondary school Many parents will find it hard to believe that the small little baby they

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