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Study Skills Ireland is run by Mr Enda O’Doherty who has over 30 years experience in education. Study Skills Ireland was founded by Enda O’Doherty BA H. Dip E.D who has been involved in education since 1990. Before setting up Study Skills Ireland Enda has been an assistant principal and has worked internationally as a motivational speaker. You can view his speaker profile here.

All courses at study skills Ireland “Study Smart” program are empirical evidence-based and rely on the most modern scientific research into the field of education. The series is unique in that it identifies the key weakness that stops students maximising their potential. The series of videos will allow participants to dramatically increase their educational potential. So often students are told to work hard but never given help on how to “study smart”. This video series addresses this problem.

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Leaving Cert

Back to school advice.

.The number one word to keep in mind in back to school is finding routine .Find routine in terms of sleep ,study ,transport, food ,communication .When the summer Holidays arrive, gradually as a family we change sleep patterns, food patterns our schedule is completely thrown out the window. It’s flexible it’s Holidays, it’s fun. Many families find the return to the regimented schedule of school life very stressful .

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Succeed in the Leaving Cert

The Next Big Step

How to help your kids make the transition to secondary school Many parents will find it hard to believe that the small little baby they

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How to Study at Home
Study Skills

How to Study at Home

Studying at home whether at Easter or during Covid-19 is hard for students. Here are some practical tips that you should follow to allow you to achieve your maximum success in the exam at home.

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