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This course provides you with key insights, tips and skills to improve your results.

About Our Courses

Who is this for?
The study smart video series online is designed by an educational professional who has trained thousands of young people how to maximize their potential in exams. This series is suitable for anyone involved in education who needs to upskill for an increase in results and increase in efficiency a decrease in stress and anxiety.

Course Format
The course consists of 15 video series of interconnected themes. For the best outcome, it is recommended that parent and student watched the video separately. The student would then complete the associated worksheet. Parent and student should then discuss learnings and actions that will happen going forward.

The course is delivered using a high definition video. Each video is presented in a high energy media-rich format to hold the attention of the student and maximise their learning potential. On purchase of your package silver gold or platinum, you will receive an email containing the contents of your package.

Course Benefits

  • A reduction in stress associated with school and exams
  • An increase in happiness level with higher levels of positivity.
  • More increased personal confidence.
  • More focused students.
  • A complete toolbox of skills to allow you to do better in exams.
  • An extensive range of worksheets for each of the videos in the series
  • Better results.
  • A greater sense of control and mastery.

Course Content
The study from study skills Ireland is ideal for those students sitting Leaving cert or Junior search I need to maximize the potential. the course is a huge benefit to those who are struggling or pressured by the demands of an ever-increasing points race.Looks at finding your why , the crucial element of gold setting and understanding your purpose for studying

Video 1: Shows a unique way simulation the memory through the censor method of studying

Video 2: Explains how you plan and organize your study.

Video 3: Looks at how to maximize your time in class with efficient techniques for classroom learning

Video 4: Explains the secrets and habits of the most successful students.

Video 5: Why students fail examines where students go wrong when they don’t succeed well in exams. video 7 looks at the basic rules where how and when you should study.

Video 6: Looks at the basic rules where how and when you should study.

Video 6: Looks at the basic rules where how and when you should study.How to deal with stress pressure and anxiety when studying.

Video 7: An in-depth advice video for parents with young people sitting exams.

Video 8: What subject do you study first and why.

Video 9: How to revise the importance of revision and methodology is involved.

Video 10: Efficient ways of note taking.

Video 11: Exam advice the do’s and don’ts of exam day that will allow you to achieve.

Video 12: The best study techniques.

Video 13: Inspirational stories

Video 14: New habits for a new you .Part 1

Video 15: New habits for a new you .Part 2

Video 16: Time Management

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