Are you searching for the perfect session to prioritize your teachers’ mental health during a staff in-service day? Look no further! Introducing “Chaos to Calm: A Teacher’s Guide to Mental Health” by renowned TEDx speaker and education expert, Enda O’Doherty. With over 33 years of experience, Enda offers practical strategies to enhance educators’ well-being while fostering a positive learning environment.

Reasons to Choose “Chaos to Calm” for Your Staff In-Service Day:

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Enda O’Doherty, an acclaimed TEDx speaker and education expert, brings over three decades of experience to his transformative talks. Enda’s uplifting, funny, and informative speaking style inspires teachers to prioritize their mental health and provides practical strategies for creating a positive and thriving classroom. See his show reel here .

“Enda’s ‘Chaos to Calm’ talk revolutionized the way I approach my teaching career. His humor and practical tips gave me the tools to create a more balanced and fulfilling work-life in the education field.” – S.M

“Attending ‘Chaos to Calm’ was a game-changer for our staff. Enda’s dynamic presentation style and actionable strategies left our teachers feeling motivated, rejuvenated, and equipped to create a positive learning environment.” – T.B

“Enda’s talk on teacher mental health was truly inspirational. His ability to connect with educators on a personal level while delivering valuable insights and tools is unparalleled. Our teachers left the session feeling empowered and ready to prioritize their well-being.” – L.G., Teacher

“We invited Enda to speak at our in-service day, and it was the best decision we made. His talk was engaging, humorous, and informative. Our teachers couldn’t stop raving about the practical strategies they learned to improve their mental health and well-being.” – J.W., Staff

“Enda’s ‘Chaos to Calm’ talk was a breath of fresh air for our teaching staff. His passion for supporting teacher well-being shone through, and the strategies he shared had an immediate positive impact on our school culture. We highly recommend booking this talk for your staff in-service day.” – R.C

To secure your booking for this transformative talk on your staff in-service day, contact Enda O’Doherty at 0866772154 or email As a bonus, participants will receive a complimentary copy of “The Thriving Mind,” a valuable resource filled with practical insights and tips for achieving and maintaining optimal mental wellness.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to uplift, inspire, and equip your teaching staff with the tools they need to prioritize their mental health and create a positive learning environment. Book “Chaos to Calm” today and embark on a journey toward teacher well-being and academic success