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Parents Seminar

  • How much study should my child do?
  • How can I get them motivated?
  • What should I do at exam time?
  • What can I do to help as a parent?

These and a multitude of questions are answered on the night. A ninety-minute live presentation. also available in Webinar format, followed by questions and answers for parents with children sitting exams. An inspiring and highly entertaining presentation using state of the art computer graphics, audience interaction and role play. Learning and laughter are at the core of this professional presentation. It is the ideal night/project for a parent’s council. For more information and booking details please contact 0866772154 or email info@endaodoherty.ie


Expert Tips for Study Skills, Motivation, Exam Preparation, and Parental Support

Welcome to our comprehensive resource hub where we provide expert guidance on study skills, motivation, exam preparation, and parental support. Our mission is to empower parents with the knowledge and tools to help their children succeed academically. Join our engaging live presentation or webinar, packed with interactive sessions, state-of-the-art graphics, and valuable insights. Read on to discover how we can support you in your journey as a proactive and involved parent.

Optimizing Study Time for Your Child’s Success: At StudySkillsIreland.com, we understand the importance of effective study skills in achieving academic success. Our expert tips and techniques will help your child maximize their study time and enhance their learning experience. Learn how to create a balanced study schedule tailored to your child’s individual needs, ensuring optimal productivity and retention of knowledge. Contact us today to access professional guidance on study skills and unleash your child’s full potential.

Igniting Motivation: Strategies for Parents: Motivating your child to excel in their studies is key to their educational journey. Our experts provide proven methods and practical techniques to ignite their motivation and foster a genuine love for learning. Discover strategies to create a positive study environment at home, where your child feels inspired and encouraged to reach their goals. Join our dynamic presentation or webinar and gain the knowledge and tools to become an effective motivator for your child’s academic success.

Exam Preparation Made Effective and Stress-Free: Exams can be a stressful time for both students and parents. We are here to alleviate the pressure and equip you with essential strategies for effective exam preparation. Our experts share tips on time management, stress reduction, and exam techniques to optimize performance. From revision strategies to tackling exam questions with confidence, our comprehensive guidance ensures your child is well-prepared and ready to excel. Enroll in our live presentation or webinar to unlock the secrets of successful exam preparation.

Supporting Your Child’s Academic Journey: Parental Tips: As a parent, your support plays a vital role in your child’s educational development. Our dedicated section provides practical advice on how to support and guide your child effectively. Discover proven ways to provide encouragement, study support, and create a nurturing learning environment at home. Our resources empower you to actively participate in your child’s academic journey and help them overcome challenges with confidence. Explore StudySkillsIreland.com and become a supportive and engaged parent today.

Experience an Unforgettable Event: Immerse yourself in an inspiring and interactive ninety-minute presentation that combines learning and laughter. Our state-of-the-art computer graphics, audience participation, and role play create an engaging experience for all. Our events are perfect for parent’s councils seeking an informative and enjoyable session. Contact us at 0866772154 or email info@endaodoherty.ie for more information and to book your spot.

 At StudySkillsIreland.com, we are passionate about providing parents with the tools and knowledge to support their children’s academic success. With our expert guidance on study skills, motivation, exam preparation, and parental support, you can become an active partner in your child’s education. Join our live presentation or webinar, where learning and laughter combine to create an unforgettable experience. Contact us today and embark on a journey of empowering your child’s educational journey.

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