Enda O’Doherty - International Keynote Speaker

“Meet Enda O’Doherty, an extraordinary inspirational speaker and accomplished endurance athlete. With an unwavering spirit and a relentless drive, he fearlessly conquers the world’s most formidable challenges. Enda’s exceptional endurance, passion, and remarkable ability to captivate audiences make him a highly sought-after speaker, empowering individuals with his powerful message. Discover the transformative impact of Enda’s words and be inspired to conquer your own mountains.”

Enda’s extraordinary endurance journey is truly remarkable. He has surpassed the limits of marathon running, conquering iconic challenges like Ironman Sweden and Ironman UK. These grueling endurance races encompass a 4 km swim, a challenging 180 km bike ride, and a full marathon. Discover the inspiring story of Enda and his unwavering determination in pushing both his physical and mental boundaries

An incredible endurance athlete whose mindset and mental toughness sets him apart, completing 9 marathons in 8 days, an incredible feat while carrying a washing machine on his back makes it an incredible achievement. Constant change, progression and growth have seen him attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, 19,000 feet with a washing machine on his back!

Experience Enda’s Unparalleled Passion and Energy as a Motivational Speaker. Enda’s unwavering drive fuels his mission to inspire individuals in sports, business, professions, and education. Delve into his captivating tales of conquering physical and mental obstacles, embarking on a transformative self-discovery journey. With a unique ability to motivate teams and individuals.


Each presentation is written to be the perfect match for your event. Enda will invest time with you to ensure the perfect fit for your event why not give him a call. From dealing with adversity to mental health, secrets of high-performance teams, parenting education, inspiration motivation.




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