"The Best Your Child Can Be!"

Student Seminar

The goal of this dynamic seminar is to equip students with the skills and motivation to achieve their optimum results. Frequently in school students are told to study hard but never really told the best methods or techniques to use. This 2-hour intensive live or Webinar covers a wide range of skills including motivation, goal setting, time management, exam performance, note taking and memory techniques. Many schools complement the student seminar by also booking   our highly successful parent talk “The best your child can be”.

With schools and teachers under increasing pressure to complete a busy and full curriculum, the vital task of teaching our students how to study and maximize their potential can slip by. Having the right skill set and the right motivation can see a dramatic change in a student’s results! Seminars run. This inspiring and highly entertaining presentation uses state of the art computer graphics, audience interaction and role play. Learning and laughter are at the core of this professional presentation. Ideal for 6th and 3rd year exam classes. Book now and your students will be inspired by this fast-moving and uplifting presentation. Book early to secure your preferred date for your school.