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Picking the Right Leaving Cert Subjects

What is the most stressful periods of the year for students going from Ty into 5th or are students going directly to 5th year is the selection of your leaving cert subjects parents and students alike experience huge anxiety at the thoughts of picking subjects that will ultimately decide a career and life journey. However it’s best to think there are several practical things that you can do that will help you to significantly make a better choice. 

Please read this article carefully, plan a strategy and then decide on what areas you’d like to study. So the number one advice I would give any parent who is preparing their young person to choose subjects for the leaving cert is to plan early 3rd year and Ty are ideal opportunities to begin the process of gathering information to make an informed choice when you’re asked to do so by your schools career guidance Department. A very simple practical step that you can take is to examine the leaving cert textbooks of the subject that you’re planning to study have a look at the diagrams and look at the photographs look at the style of questions that are with each chapter look at the way the tax is laid out does this subject appeal to you many many students select leaving start subject simply based on their third year textbook and knowledge of the course. This is serious mistake to make if for example you look at junior’s art history the text is quite short interspaced with interesting documents and photographs if you compare this to a leaving search history course it’s significantly larger period of history and more detailed in the text it would particularly suit somebody who was very good at english and particularly greeting but it is significantly changed in character from the junior cert course the leaving cert course . In contrast if you look at junior cert geography many of the themes ideas compulsory chapters are repeated obviously in more detail the leaving cert course but yet there’s a close tie into the two courses so look at those textbooks and make sure that you have a good idea of what you’re getting into .

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Ultimately you will be taking exams in this subject I’m amazed how many people missed the obvious maybe it’s a good idea to look at the exam papers how long is the exam what type of questions are asked how much you expected to write what’s the style of answering this is a really good start point because it will allow you to see clearly what you’re expected to do at the end of two years studying .

Three when I talk to students who have completed the exams students have gone the whole way through the course used all of the textbooks done the projects and sat the exam .perhaps they might tell you mistakes that they made so that you don’t repeat them perhaps they might give you some solid concrete advice ask a couple of people because remember opinions will differ it’s also important that you don’t ask someone who sat the exam along time ago because the curriculum exams might have changed the style might have changed and you don’t want to based Europe in your decision on their old opinion there out of date opinion .

Four talk to the experts many students have a great repor with their classroom teacher during Ty or during the junior cert course if for example your teacher has been teaching 20 or 25 years has a detailed knowledge of the course the requirement it’s a really good idea to ask them their opinion .not only will have a knowledge of the course the curriculum and examinations but probably would have a good idea of what type of student you are and if you’re suited to this particular subject would it match with your strengths or would your weaknesses make you an unsuitable candidate in their opinion .

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If you do decide your subjects at the end of Ty many of the cleverest students who I work with take the summer at the end of Ty very slowly begin to work through one subject area so for example you have chosen to study biology for the 5th year doing 40 minutes of study of exam papers or revision book on biology before you begin in fifth year can give you a huge advantage when the course starts give you huge confidence you’ll feel better about yourself you have made a great start .

Grouping subjects the next advice I would give you is if you find that you’re particularly good at maths I would recommend that you look at areas such as applied played Matt physics .don’t be afraid to build on your strengths if you see that you have particular talent for a subject perhaps that might translate into other subjects of a similar nature so be sure that you try to select some of these .


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Picking the subjects can be very stressful particularly because you’re aware that this will affect your college choice your college points and probably ultimately your career .I like to remind students that I work with and their parents that the leaving cert is not the finish line it’s simply the start line it’s like opening a door you open this door and in front of your multiple paths and directions you can take some of the subjects and the areas you specialize in college right now you don’t know even exist be prepared to work hard but be open minded about your final destination because it might take many many years for you to finally settle in the career choice that you like and the specialists within that area .while it is indeed important to make an informed decision to spend some time planning your subjects there is a point where you need to stop overthinking it and make a decision .it is very difficult to make the perfect subject choice given that there are many factors that are outside of your control so as long as you have invested time and making good choices be positive plan make those timetables organize that revision learn study skills from the best study skills Ireland dot com as I always say it’s important as you enter the leaving start cycles to work hard but it’s even more important to work smart thanks for taking the time to read this article you can Contact Me at

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