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Ireland AM – Study Tips By Enda O’Doherty

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Looking forward  to speaking on Ireland am this weekend  about the best way for students to start the school year.Hope you can tune  in to hear more about ……

Goal Setting

It is really important to have short terms to focus our minds on the present task so that we can achieve our long term goal. Jim Gavin get the players to focus on the best they can be each day so they can win 4 Sam McGuires in a row. Set goals that are achievable. Establish success makes us feel good and continues us in the process of achievement.

Battling Negative Thoughts

Many students struggle with negative thoughts about their own abilities and about the amount of work that they do. If a golfer thinks about the lake in front of him on a par 3, he generally hits the water. We need to focus on the green. Practice taking a positive action every time you have a negative thought. It works.

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